In the Enem 2012 test, try to solve this question about the economic interests of the Spaniards during the colonization process of the so-called Spanish America . The resolution is just below the question, with comments and skills charged in the test.


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“But one thing I dare to say, because there are many testimonies, and that is that I saw in this land of Veragua [Panama] greater signs of another in the first two days than in Hispaniola in four years, and that the lands of the region cannot be more beautiful nor better carved. There, if they want, they can have it extracted at will”.
(Letter from Columbus to the Kings of Spain, July 1503. Apud AMADO, J. FIGUEIREDO, LC Columbus and America: five hundred years later. São Paulo: Atual, 1991 (Adapted).

The document makes it possible to identify a Spanish economic interest in the colonization of America from the 15th century onwards. The implication of this interest in the occupation of American space is indicated in

a) expulsion of the natives to strengthen the Catholic clergy.
b) promotion of just wars to conquer territory.
c) imposition of catechesis to exploit African work.
d) option for polyculture to guarantee the Iberian population.
e) foundation of cities to control the circulation of wealth.

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Answer: Letter B and E

Ability: To interpret historically and/or geographically documentary sources about aspects of culture.

Comments: This question has an inconsistency as there are two possible answers. The conquest and occupation of American territory by Spaniards from the 15th century onwards is related to mercantilist interests, notably gold, and the crusade spirit, which justified war and the massacre of indigenous peoples in the name of expanding the Catholic faith. In addition, the later founding of cities by Spaniards also had the objective of supervising and controlling the circulation of resources.



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